Asha 300 whatsapp support

If you happen to have another Asha phone, you can also download and install WhatsApp on Asha 501.

WhatsApp for Nokia, is my phone still supported in 2017-2018?

Is there any alernate solution for this? Even my whatsap stopped working. The brand is now being used by HMD Global, a Finnish company that is now developing and marketing smartphones and feature phones under the Nokia brand name. Downloading the app is not the same with the process used for Android phones where download is done via the Play Store.

Install Whatsapp on Nokia Asha series easily! full tutorial

Many people found this free messenger appealing that by the year 2016, more than 1 billion downloads were recorded and the number continues to rise.

WhatsApp for Nokia will not be supported by phones that run Symbian Anna operating system e.

How to Download WhatsApp on Nokia S40, Asha & Symbian devices.

Comes with a macro lens and a super wide angle lens that easily clip onto your phone for professional-grade photos on the go. Hi mine Nokia aisha 210 stopped since Dec 2016 why pliz u have help pliz do so to help us am in need ov my phone and whatsapp Loading...

asha 300 whatsapp support

Eco Cash number: This multi-platform app allows users to chat, send audio and video files, images and create chat groups. In order to run WhatsApp, you must be using a supported mobile phone.

But you people have to leave this because of people that dont have much to buy another phone and they are interested in using whatsapp.

asha 300 whatsapp support

Now every single person across the globe has to adapt to money greedy people to remain in contact with loved ones. My whats app is stop not working Have you any solution please speak with me Loading...

asha 300 whatsapp support

However, the chat application is no longer available for download on the WhatsApp website but there are some websites that still have the application for you to download. September 11, 2018. WhatsApp had already announced that its services will no longer be supported on Nokia S40 after 31 December 2018.

Mine already stopped working Loading...

Hur kan vi hjälpa dig?

Most users of Nokia Asha phones will be impacted as a result. They now have to buy more expensive devices thus having less money for their loved ones. Nokia phones that run Windows phone 8 e. Skip to content advertisement.