Brittany howard kj howard

Maybe she was joking. The band members still had their day jobs. Early inspirations... Postal Service when the Shakes began to take off. Are you scared what somebody's gonna think?

brittany howard kj howard

Sign up with Facebook or Google. Almost four years later, the Shakes are the subject of an extensive profile in a much more mainstream, old-school and far-reaching media source, The New York Times.

Alabama Shakes’ Unlikely Triumph

And I think that song, writing that song, was my way of trying to console myself because everyone tried to carry on the best they could. Brittany Howard is 26 years old. There are vibraphones. The year after that, [Brittany's parents] Christi and K.

brittany howard kj howard

It was a sociology class. Terms Of Use Privacy Statement. They recorded four songs, catching the ear of a prominent music blogger. Raised by an Elvis -loving mom and a Motown-loving dad, she was a mixed-race kid who became a teenage punk rocker — an odd identity in Athens, where the Klan hosted a rally as recently as 2007 though they were quickly driven back to their hole.

My mom tried really hard to make us into good people.

​Alabama Shakes: Fearless and free

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. But duty called for her double-barreled Grammy debut, so she fancied up her hair and had fellow Southerner Billy Reid design her some dresses. We should play it like that.

That's her stuff, you know? And they ended the whirlwind week with their first appearance on Saturday Night Live , which in some ways was the best of all. Howard, fixed up and sold used cars.

brittany howard kj howard

Her voice so powerful, you can feel it — the joy, the desperation, the yearning. When she sings, it's like she commands you to listen. You carry on.