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El seminario, libro 19: De hecho una lengua no se aprende, se contagia a partir de una experiencia de goce que toca al cuerpo de la imagen.

difundidos de amor whatsapp status

People assume things without having the necessary information to judge. Saber no es poder. It is the best weapon to reach political domination and social control.

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Sometimes people do not act fearing what the others would think or say, instead of taking into consideration the profit or non profit of such actions. Lo que hace humano a un cuerpo es, en efecto, que sea un cuerpo hablante. El reclamo ahora es que ese hombre que la hizo gozar hasta el orgasmo no la ama. We all make mistakes, big mistakes, all the time, just look around you, we are not an example of perfection.

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As long as society and media only give the responsibility to the abuser, women will not realize how they tolerate this abusive behaviour.

It is very surprising to see how we attend adults that have been aggressed and how we punish the aggressor. They get too confused cannot think clearly anymore since the abuser has manipulated them too long.

El abuso infantil.

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No hay nada negativo en ellos. En esta frase J. The childhood fears get generalized to the rest of the population in adulthood and we think that everyone is going to react the same way our parents and tutors did.

difundidos de amor whatsapp status

El ganador es alguien que ha aprendido mucho de sus fracasos. I call it stupidity because these beliefs are sustained in spite of contrary evidence.

difundidos de amor whatsapp status

Human beings, besides our more or less neurotic conflicts, are full of false beliefs and idealizations. Las falsas creencias. Para Lacan, saber es poder equivocarse radicalmente.

difundidos de amor whatsapp status

False beliefs have a lot to do with lack of information or simple stupidity.