Doctor who dalek toy review

doctor who dalek toy review

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Doctor Who: 6.5 inch Orange Dalek Figure

The greater variety of colours used in these figures shows off all those little details engravings, markings, rivet details etc. Adds a little more variety rather than two Daleks with blue hemispheres. Connect With Us. Two Daleks spinning around crashing into each other is a sight to behold.

doctor who dalek toy review

General Humour Publication Date: Shop Video. The packaging says it is a limited edition, although I do not know whether it just means limited ie exclusive to Toys R Us. It's a little bit disappointing since the insert was the one place they could make each set's packaging feel unique, and a space-style backdrop doesn't really suit a set that's inspired by the Dalek Invasion of EARTH.

The 5" scale overall might annoy some people, though, especially people used to Marvel Legends-sized figures. Character Options have provided two waves of 5" figures so far, and also a remote control Dalek. Post a Comment.

Doctor Who Yesteryear Reviews: The Classic Dalek Figures

Season 1. Log in to your account Required Fields. It says it at random intervals too.

Doctor Who Toys and Figures

Short description. The set is innovative and fun, and deserves to be a huge success. Other than a few specific sentences on the back, the packaging is completely identical to that seen on Dalek Collector Set 1 - right down to the comic art background insert.

The heads move slightly from side to side and the eyestalk moves up and down. Doctor Who Format: Create an Account.

doctor who dalek toy review

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doctor who dalek toy review

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Doctor Who: Dalek Collectible Figurine and Illustrated Book

Character Options have shown a bold bit of imagination in creating this set and have pulled it off flawlessly - giving fans insight into perhaps what could have been and still could be one day! Richard Dinnick, Francesco... This action feature is really fun, and not just for kids.

doctor who dalek toy review