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DPP Hello: They were supposed to extend it. I am not going to resign in haste.

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Even current form is passed you will get gc faster than the people who are filing I485 now. Romney would have fanned the flames of the anti immigrants.

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It looks like you thought everything is employer's responsibility. Also I checked online and the max deposit permitted per anum into the PPF acount is only Rs 70 thousand. PERM and I-140 shouldn't take more than 6 months if you hire a good attorney.....

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I have regular pay stubs from 2002 onwards. It's been horribly long 10 years and many complications along the way but my journey seemed to have reached the end. So, though from a philosophical perspective I remain neutral on the issue of legalization of the status of illegal immigrants, I feel our best interests are served with a pro CIR candidate, whatever the stated position about legal highly skilled immigration.

BUT whatever your views.. There would be special, more lenient rules for young persons.

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I have submitted my experience letter at the time of filling labor But USCIS didn't ask anything regarding experience. Please help i am in need!

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I will make it next time for sure. Have a good day! Many times such agreement mention "damage amount" if the person leave before the expiry of such term. According to Thomas. When I email him I get an out of office response.

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We are all educated and can get all kinds of information good , bad , depressing and process it. Also it may not be passed in current form. However, it has been read twice and referred to the Senate Judiciary committee. After the July bulletin was released on June 15, my employer has stopped responding to my emails, voicemails and registered mails by normal post.

The program as currently proposed would allow undocumented people in the USA as of 15 December 2009 to apply for legalization. She had a 10-yr multiple entry US visa stamped and didn't need any German transit visa. I did this in 2004. I have applied I-140 under EB2 India.

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Fellows in pain...