Fury review what the flick

fury review what the flick

Christy, Thanks for writing this review. Long story short. Seriously, one of the silliest, most unrealistic scenes in any war movie. The Second Part. He'd be leading from the front!

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Brat Pitt plays Achilles again! Tank can't move and 300 SS troops are approaching towards them.

fury review what the flick

OMG, if they are not stupid, they are totally blind. When battle starts, man just starts wondering how Germany managed to beat anyone and occupy anything with so dumb soldiers. Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Mad Max: Fury Road

The movie did provide loud noises. But these guys had no redeeming features at all - just a bunch of psychopaths with guns. Did Troy mention they were carrying Panzerfausts?

The director obviously played too much War of Tank, he can't hide his stupidities and ignorance by borrowed the only movable tiger tank from England.

fury review what the flick

He gets rescued, medic says to him, "you're a hero. A bunch of American soldiers with the most unintelligible accents ever, ride on a Sherman tank kicking ass during the end of WWII in Germany.

DPReview Digital Photography. In fact, they have full-blown YouTube movie review channels to show-off their critical takes.

fury review what the flick

They start getting mown down left, right and centre by the Sherman's machine guns, not to mention the main gun taking out scores of evil Nazis who are just running around in a panic, instead of reacting like well-trained men who have years of Eastern Front experience.

Of course...

fury review what the flick

The acting is underwhelming. Why is it that WWll lasted as long as it did? Fury hits a mine and blows off a track. Audible Download Audio Books.

Fury movie review (London Film Festival)

Great review. Credit for showing the personalised detail of the tank, inside and out, where each crew stows gear etc differently from other crews.

Yes some of it is.