How its made bowtech tomkat

Bowtech Tomkat Specifications

The stuff that comes on the bow is "good enough", but wasn't good enough for me. Quiet enough, even without a string-stop. Anybody ever shot one?

It was a good bow that with the choice of smooth mods and speed mods gave a shooter nice options. It is a great shooter and the finish is typical Bowtech topshelf.

how its made bowtech tomkat

I was gonna use mechanical broadheads and want to make sure i have enough kinetic energy to use them with the 60 limbs. If you practice the grip is no issue!

how its made bowtech tomkat

I'm interested in it because it's advertised as a "package" bow and should have everything I need on it. The time now is 02: So once you get it go ahead and take everything off of it and replace it with better equipment. Its fast, quite, and very accurate.

I am not seeing the deer jump the strings and I am getting consistent pass throughs! Thread Tools. Members List. Send a private message to wahoohunter.

how its made bowtech tomkat

My brother had a Bowtech Tomkat that he never used and asked if he wanted to sell it. I personally find bowtech to be better than Mathews. Good shooting, Bob.

Bowtech Tomkat Review

It's slightly heavier than most modern compounds on the market. Ahead of it's time and still VERY relevant. This bow is extremely quiet, smooth drawing, and easy to shoot. Strings, cams, modules and limbs Want to buy or trade? Find More Posts by kwilson16.

how its made bowtech tomkat