How old is netty plays speed

She also has a sister. Recommended Lists: In addition, Garrett runs the series 'Big and Little Thoughts,' where she discusses general topics, such as childhood, social media, holidays, habits, and so on.

British Female YouTubers. In this series, she talks to her fans on various topics related to both her personal and professional life. Although she usually plays Minecraft, she has also posted content related to other video games, including Roblox, Sims 4, One Life, Aether Legacy and Summer Camp, to name a few.

Her channel has accumulated around 235k subscribers as of December 2018. Netty Plays is a British YouTube gamer who posts child-friendly content.

British Gamers. Scorpio Women. Image Credit. Annette Garrett was born on November 7, 1987 in Hampshire, England. Play Now!

Identify Singers By Eyes. Both of these video have garnered decent numbers of views till date. Female Gamers. She is multitalented and is knowledgeable in a number of fields. Identify Actresses By Childhood Pics. Michelle MangaMinx British. Besides being a popular gamer, she is a vlogger as well.

Netty Plays

The most popular videos on her channel include 'Netty on an adventure in Stampys lovely world' and 'Welcome to Nettys 'Dreamland'. Garrett got engaged to YouTuber Martyn Littlewood in 2017. Besides YouTube, she is also popular on Twitter. Alastair Aiken. Wroetoshaw British. Joseph aka StampyLonghead. Faze Kay British. Martyn Littlewood siblings: