How to 360 snowboard jump

A common mistake is to start spinning while still on the feature, thus losing stability in the air.

how to 360 snowboard jump

Nev Lapwood. Tips Be confident and trust your own mind, if you can really visualize the trick it should be pretty simple. However, when approaching the takeoff it is crucial to not be leaning too far forward. How To Backside 180 Melon. The snow is just around the corner, and we at Snowboard Addiction can't wait to get back out riding and to create more video's to help you become the best shredders you can be!

It's a classic trick that shows your snowboarding mastery. The simple fix to this is commitment. Next time you're on snow, it will be much, much better.

Everyone has to start from somewhere, so just use your head. Your upper body initiates the spin after you pop into the air, as your lower body follows around.

How To Frontside 360 On Park Jumps

Don't over rotate. Inspect and pick your jump. If you can get good at your Frontside 270's while traversing on your heel edge, you will quickly be able to spin the Frontside 360 on jumps.

how to 360 snowboard jump

However I always end up doing 270 and land on heavy tail toe edge, some time I even drag my hands on the ground too balance my self not to fall. Know your abilities.

how to 360 snowboard jump

Filmed At: Filmed At: This is the most crucial point of the jump, if you catch your edge or don't have enough speed to clear the jump the landing is going to be a long painful fall. Subscribe to our mailing list. One of the main one's being, not committing fully on and during the jump.

Your First Frontside 360s On A Snowboard

Share Tweet Pin. First make sure that there are no other riders trying to do the same jump as you. Before attempting this trick, you should be at least an intermediate level rider.