How to build solar trough collectors

Concentrating Solar Collectors

Vector algebra and projection theory are then used to predict the theoretical projected image of the receiver for perfectly aligned mirrors. Many applications, including reflecting light and heat into windows that do not ordinarily get sun.

how to build solar trough collectors

Since solar light waves essentially travel parallel to each other, this type of solar collector can be pointed directly into the sun and still achieve a total focal output from all parts of the trough shaped reflector as shown.

The inside of the trough must next be covered with a highly reflective material such as aluminiumised mylar a reflective plastic sheet , or flashing. Working with Diver on the project is Tim Moss, who serves as project manager and primary software and hardware developer. Parabolic Trough Reflector. Visit this group.

Parabolic Trough Reflector

It will be interesting to see where this leads. We have worked together on several projects, including the inflatable heliostat just above.

how to build solar trough collectors

Solar Fire provides detailed plans and how-to instructions for building three different sizes of concentrating solar collectors. For our three dimensional parabolic trough we have a straight line of focal points along which we run the pipe through which the fluid to be heated will be circulated.

New invention to make parabolic trough solar collector systems more energy efficient

Systems to harness the sun's energy typically generate either electricity or heat in the form of steam or hot water. Good Youtube Videos on the collector...

The site can be a bit of a challenge to find stuff on, but its worth the effort. The TOP approach consists of a pole with five cameras positioned along it. Try your reflective material on an off cut of your trough backing sheet to see if you can apply the reflective sheet before bending the trough into shape, or if it would be better to apply it afterwards for better results.

Once you have an economical and practical tool to collect it, you have a cheap and abundant energy source. It allows you to quickly and easily fully visualize how a given mirror shape will do in focusing incoming sun.

Build a Concentrated Solar Water Heater

Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Looks like a very simple, buildable, well thought out design. Vast desert sun farm to help light up Morocco December 13, 2015 On the edge of the Sahara desert, engineers make final checks to a sea of metal mirrors turned towards the sun, preparing for the launch of Morocco's first solar power plant.

how to build solar trough collectors

Concentrated solar water heaters are more complicated to construct and more expensive, however they can be very efficient and great fun to build.