How to do 1960s makeup looks

Music went hand in hand with youth-lead fashion and everything from rock and roll, Motown, pop, mod and psychedelic rock influenced the style and amount of makeup worn by the masses. There were four popular shades: This is also known as 'feathering'. Method 1. As of 2018, all the brands are still sold in the United States except for Max Factor, which is sold overseas.

how to do 1960s makeup looks

Did this article help you? Be sure to pick the right shade. I think she would be astonished to know that bits of it survive 48 years later.

1960s Makeup Tips To Get The Trendy Vintage Look

The above tips give you a brief idea about the makeup trends during the 1960s. The eyebrows in the 1960s makeup trend were a combination of the 1920s and 1940s. Use the appropriate eyelash glue. The mod love for bold geometric patterns and black and white spilled over into the white eye shadow and black crease look, as exemplified by 1960s model Twiggy on the cover of many magazines.

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Not Helpful 2 Helpful 9. Some fashionable girls even wore two sets of false eyelashes. There weren't really any matte lipsticks in the 60's.

It could be called the quintessential youth-oriented decade as more and more of them emerged out of their shells and defined the decade as their own. These lashes were crafted from human hair, animal hair, and even synthetic materials.

how to do 1960s makeup looks

Some women even applied foundation on their lips and then just added a sheen with vaseline to create a nude effect. About This Article. Can you help?

how to do 1960s makeup looks

It came not with a wand but with a small turquoise brush with black bristles, very similar to the one supplied with Max Factor Block Mascara.