How to make a fishtail skirt pattern

I cannot find it anywhere. Fold the ruffle down so that the hem is against the skirt body.

how to make a fishtail skirt pattern

Hi Jackie! Stitch the zipper to both side edges. Use two or three stitching lines to secure this. Since there are many types of mermaid skirts, one of my challenges was to decide which one to show. Cookies make wikiHow better.

It does not matter if the fabric is 44 inches 111. What would I need to do differently? Place the folded ruffle piece on top of the folded skirt body.

How to Make a Mermaid Skirt Part 1: Pattern Making

Step 1. Now we will do a bit of calculation. As she wanted 3 panels instead of 5 you asked her to divide by 3 instead of by 5. Step 4.

Remember to backstitch at the start and end of your sewing. So we are only making 1 pattern to make all 5 panels for this skirt.

how to make a fishtail skirt pattern

Now sew one of the side seams of the back and front skirts together the side seam without the hook tab ofourse The facing should be ideally kept up when sewing this side seam. Use the longest stitch length you can.

Finish the bottom edge of this piece.

how to make a fishtail skirt pattern

I was really tired when I watched the video.