How to make a jointing plane

While many woods are suitable, we chose cherry for the bodies and wenge for the soles of our planes.

Pat’s Wooden Jointer Plane

All of the wood came from my scrap bin, and I pulled the blade out of an antique plane I bought a couple of years ago not recommended due to the work involved in making the blade usable. It is important that the tenons are snug, but the pins need to be able to rotate to adjust properly to the angle of the wedge.

Make your electric plane into a JOINTER - THE EASY WAY!

Work carefully because the results will affect the performance of the plane. Clamp the front and back body blocks to one of the cheeks using a straight board to align the parts accurately.

how to make a jointing plane

Clamp the assembly, and allow the glue to set for at least an hour before removing the clamps and scraping off excess glue. When the glue sets, scrape off any squeeze-out and trim the soles flush.

Making a wooden jointer plane?

The Ultimate Guide to Firewood. For a plane to be useful as a flattening and straightening tool, it is essential that the sole be perfectly flat. Our interpretations are easily built, and the basic design is well-suited to modification so you can make planes that match your needs. Despite these problems, I was able to effectively use this plane to flatten my workbench top.

Someday someone will discover a never-before-seen Stanley jointer. How to Remove Sticker Residue. We offer three sizes: Its pretty easy to put a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface and flatten a block plane.

how to make a jointing plane

To seal the wood we applied a penetrating finish of several coats of boiled linseed oil. My first one was a jack plane, and all the mistakes I made don't prevent it from doing what a jack needs to do.

how to make a jointing plane

Plan that the first plane you make will be a learning experience. Apply at least three coats using this technique.

The three sizes are: Forums What's New?

How To Build 3 Basic Hand Planes

Thread Continues Below... Add the opposite cheek, then temporarily clamp the parts and bore pilot holes in the end waste areas for screws.

how to make a jointing plane

The second will go much faster and will likely be quite usable. Okay, thanks. Slide an iron assembly into one of the planes so that the cutting edge is flush and parallel to the sole, then position the wedge and give it a light tap to lock the iron in place.