How to make gumpaste poppy

When I was finished making my red petals I had a small amount of red gumpaste left over. User menu Log in. Breadcrumbs You are here: Take a small piece of the colored paste and use your rolling pin to roll out until almost paper thin over one of the grooves on the CelCakes board.

how to make gumpaste poppy

Embed Code. Each petal in this flower is individually wired and that enables the petals to be adjusted to the right opening for the flowers. How to flood cookies with royal icing.

How to Make a Gum Paste Poppy

Do this part for all five petals. Dampen the hooked end with edible glue and inset into bulb.

how to make gumpaste poppy

Small rolling pin. This is a long affiliation, so I decided I wanted to make a gumpaste creation as a tribute to her many years of service to us.

Make sure to flip the flower over and apply and petal dust to the bottom side if there is any white wire showing. They are quite easy to make and look beautiful on top of any cake.

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Gum Paste Poppies Tutorial

Silicone veiner. Please enter your name here. This will become your bud.

how to make gumpaste poppy

Highlight Color. Please enter your comment! I did this because I thought the red streaking effect would give my cake a little more eye appeal.

Form the ball into a bulb shape by using your opposite finger and palm to taper one end of the ball.