How to make wooden toy animals

Then resize it for about the size you want your final toy to be. How to Make Remote Control Scorpion. The tools I used to make them are: It's funny, I always assumed the axles went all the way through but this way seems much easier.

I'm going to bookmark this and make one when the temperature in the garage falls to a humane level. How about a rabbit? The kangaroo hops really well, with two different legs for a short hop or longer hop.

how to make wooden toy animals

If you check the badger example you will see how I combined the legs and placed a mark for the axels of the wheels. As one might expect, things get easier with practice... Not on the axle. The toy worked pretty well. And, if you don't have that sort of equipment, there's nothing to keep you from creating the wooden critters with a simple coping saw, hand drill, and sandpaper. Share it with us!

Wooden Toys

Make sure to leave some room and play so that the wheel will spin. Once you have your template cut out of your paper. If kangaroo still doesn't hop, see the section on tweaking the design for more suggestions. I wonder if your kangaroo can walk on a ramp, 15 degrees slope. Related Content.

Make a Wooden Toy.

Lift kangaroo tail and gently drop, which should start a hopping motion. This will be a much sturdier template that wont rip or move. Assembly Table With Storage.

how to make wooden toy animals

Add some weight to the back end - tape a penny or washer to the tail and see if you get a better hop that persists. Red alder is perfect if you can get it, although we're presently using Alaska yellow cedar which isn't a true hardwood but is tough enough for these toys, looks good, and doesn't splinter too readily. Add to cart.

how to make wooden toy animals

This will help it so that the drill doesn't walk.