How to operate a machine lathe guards

Combined with the chuck safety guard, allows an excellent protection of the operator. Canadian Metalworking.

how to operate a machine lathe guards

Lathe operators must receive training on and become familiar with emergency shutdown procedures. Safety Standards and Regulations do not require chuck-shields to be electrically interlocked , some European manufacturers offer that feature. This method ensures that arms and hands will be clear of the head stock.

Safeguarding Lathes

Take extra care because it involves reaching over rotating work. You May Also Like.

how to operate a machine lathe guards

Please use our Contact form for your inquiry. Sue Roberts. They may be constructed of metal, polycarbonate, or some combination of materials.

Safety Guards and Shields for Lathes

Lathe hazards include rotating parts, flying material chips or dust and possible material kickbacks. They must be able to recognize emergency conditions so they will know when to shut the machine down without hesitation.

Dispositifs de protection pour machines outils et de productions. Stay in touch!

Metalworking Machines - Lathes

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Shut off the power supply to the motor before mounting or removing accessories. Do not lean on machine. Designed for protecting the operator from the machine advancing bars. Complete with microswitch and fitting supports.

how to operate a machine lathe guards

Search all fact sheets: However, that same lathe manufacturer may provide no safeguarding at or near the point of operation.

Follow job specifications for the speed, feed and depth of cut for materials being turned.

how to operate a machine lathe guards

At some point in time, the operator turns the lathe on without checking to see where the chuck wrench is located, which sends it flying. About the Author Deb Dupree has been an active writer throughout her career in the corporate world and in public service since 1982. Set lathe at twice the speed used for turning. The unfortunate result is thousands of reported amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries, and abrasions, and hundreds of accidents that result in deaths each year.