How to set up logblock permissions

LogBlock is a tool which allows you to keep track of almost everything on your server, while also giving you the ability to rollback revert or redo changes made by users and natural occurrences such as liquid flow or leaf decay.

Logs creeper explosions under the name of the player who triggered the exploosion.

how to set up logblock permissions

Temporarily peak due to forest fires, huge explosion s or massively large amounts of liquid flow Don't worry, it'll be processed soon. Now, If you want one of your groups to be able to use logblock, here are the permissions: RobotJuice , Jan 12, 2012.

how to set up logblock permissions

Yes, my password is: Sets the enabled state of the lookup toolblock respective of parameter specified. Is it possible to log action from a editor like WorldEdit or VoxelSniper?

Logs what someone took from, or put into a chest, dispenser or furnace. SQLite has some nasty locks, so LB would have to handle everything with just one connection, shared between all threads, to avoid lock issues.


Jul 26, 2013 Messages: In other languages Deutsch. So lets try some out. Names of the worlds you wish to have logged. The consumer will run until the queue is empty or timePerRun is exeeded.

how to set up logblock permissions

Now Save the config, and start your server. No actions from a hidden player will be logged from the point they are hidden t the point they are un-hidden. This doesn't work for a remote MySQL server.


Show Ignored Content. Set to true to log player online time, time of first and last login, and IP address of last login. Either change the url in the config to an existing database or create a new one named the same as the one already in the Configuration to save your time , or, update the name in configuration to the name of the new database.

Additionally, the 'command imitation' of the tool is also specified in the configuration.

how to set up logblock permissions

Jul 29, 2013 Messages: TheChillerCraft , Feb 5, 2012. ID's for items to be given to player when tools are summoned. Clearlog enableAutoClearLog: If no radius is specified, the default radius will be used lookup.