How to train your pet rock manual

There is nothing else you can do if they don't have empathy.

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Again, you can just let it see what you do for snacks. Make sure that you are happy with it,.

how to train your pet rock manual

Make a beanbag couch. You could glue them on. Make a texture board by gluing pieces of different materials to a piece of cardboard.

how to train your pet rock manual

Following Follow. Place a mini potpourri in the corner.

how to train your pet rock manual

If they don't, you may wish to surprise them some. Do this by cutting a piece of fabric or material and gluing it to the bottom of the box.

How to Care for Your Pet Rock

Not Helpful 38 Helpful 288. The pet sits in a niche in the mind, created by the power of the owners' imaginations. Make sure it suits you and your rock. Tell us more about it? Then, on a sticky note write "I like it" and on another write "I don't". Tiara of Lights: If you can't print or find anything that smells nice, try to see if your rock is interested in looking at your food.

how to train your pet rock manual

Despite their name, pet rocks don't normally like rock music. Add some liquid soap. Before you do anything else, you should name your rock. You should never keep a bag that contains all your rocks inside. Make your house comfortable yet creative.

If you have two or three rocks who are known to be close friends, you can keep them in a larger, contained space, but they should always have their own personal home areas or be able to get away from each other. Maybe you have a brown rock? Rub the nooks and crannies with Vaseline or baby oil. Discover your rock's favorite color. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Make a couch-shaped 3D piece of cardboard and place tiny pillows from a dolls house on it.

Therefore, you may have to train your pet rock not to get angry easily and stay calm.