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I used to take the Guardian. Integrated management mu st have. Plus d'exemples He works for a company that makes software. Let me briefly remind you of them. Do you remember that time when Adrian phoned up? Je vais prendre la suite maintenant. See also casual. She was taken to hospital.

Déclaration de politique étrangère 2004 (traduction anglaise)

But it is true, after all, that at a government conference, nothing is truly final until all the decisions have been taken. The film was [... In this way, we shall emphasize the unity of humanity and the universality of its values. Our total dedication to these universal rights for every human being is a token of the moral force and moral legitimacy that enable us to overcome this menace. We must uphold the openness of our society and our respect for human rights.

The strategy analyses the global threats we are faced with and also the means to react to them. Plus d'exemples This novel is his best work to date. The terrorist menace New threats and the challenges posed by a globalized world demand voluntary action.

Mon Dictionnaire. Since August 2003, 10 Luxembourgers have been among the soldiers guaranteeing security at the airport in Kabul and, since last year, two Luxembourg mine-clearing experts have been working with their Belgian colleagues in Cambodia.

But they also offer further great potential for the future. We've finished decorating upstairs but the downstairs still needs some work. The key to a new and better world lies in the collaboration of the entire international community.

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You need to have agile fingers to do this kind of work. He took a plate from the cupboard. Consulter aussi: We therefore welcome the fact that alongside the enlargement of the EU, the security structure in Europe has, through the enlargement of NATO, also been extended. This involves the exchange and evaluation of information on terrorist activities gathered by the police and secret services and the registration of biometric information to be recorded in passports.

For the outside observer, the system is less comprehensible than the six-month rotation we currently use. However , t he other participants [...