Muscles glasses what happened today

Unbiased - Don't put your own twist on it to make it come off negative or positive. This was posted in 2010 and i just watched a 2011 epic meal time vid with MG in it.

muscles glasses what happened today

He was resurrected like Lenny shows wat bacon regenaration does for u Innit u candy starfish. You could see that they replaced muscles…. He left because he could no longer trust Harley as a friend or as a business partner.

What Happened To MusclesGlasses?

The text is like.. Today they. OutOfTheLoop comments. Have you not notice he has been gone for more than a month from the show.

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Micah knopp. September 4, 2012. Who cares? October 19, 2011. Be sure to search the subreddit , Google , and KnowYourMeme before creating a new post.

This would have made headline news!

muscles glasses what happened today

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muscles glasses what happened today

U guys are idiots!!!!! Bacom is photoshopped, and look at the sign on the right. Nice looking bacon, 20 hours in paint? February 24, 2012.

muscles glasses what happened today

So In other words he just quit.. October 9, 2011. Search for: Name required. Muscles Glasses was never actually an organic member of the Emt crew.

muscles glasses what happened today

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