Veanka howard x factor

The response has been overwhelming from the foster care community, with the latest requests coming from the Australian Conference of Foster Carers and the Create Foundation.

Star looks beyond X Factor

Having been through more than 100 foster homes, Veanka is in a great position to be a voice for those who, like her, had none. Joe McDonough. Where her mother tends to run from the camera, Veanka runs towards it. My family keeps me grounded," Veanka explained.

veanka howard x factor

Brother Jack and sister Jess paid for her travel and accommodation to the Sydney auditions to chase her dream. Please note: Discuss "Star looks beyond X Factor" Please note: She said if she was to leave X Factor today she wouldn't mind because she would be able to make such a difference in the lives of other foster children. Sitting down with Veanka, you see a well-grounded girl who is just enjoying the journey and thriving in the limelight.

veanka howard x factor

But when she is away from the photographers and the reporters, she just becomes a regular Yass High student again. We've been humming ever since," she laughed.

Veanka’s X Factor story and voice steal hearts

In the last week, she has had interviews with Today Tonight, the Daily Telegraph and New Idea, but it is not the new-found fame that she wants to talk about. Home Community. Veanka Howard has her sights set on stardom as part of the talent show, The X Factor.

In that moment Veanka reportedly became the first child in foster care to appear on national television and Joanne had no idea she was going to share her motivation with Australia.

veanka howard x factor

After hearing Veanka sing that Beach Boys classic, her foster family now of almost five years encouraged her to sing publicly - and the rise has been swift. The 15-year-old has since become a household name, having brought hundreds of thousands of Australians to tears after she revealed her heart-breaking struggle in the foster care system before nailing her rendition of Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb'.