What are compound adjectives examples

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what are compound adjectives examples

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. English Grammar. I wanted to buy my daughter the most child-wanted toy.

what are compound adjectives examples

However, some compound modifiers include an adverb plus an adjective. Our speaker tonight is a highly-respected scholar.

Compound Adjectives - A Long List

Compound adjectives are almost always hyphenated. Learn for free... In general we put a hyphen between two or more words before a noun when we want them to act as a single idea adjective that describes something.

what are compound adjectives examples

Thousands of subscribers! There are many different topics and levels. United Kingdom is an English-speaking country. You can put it over frozen yogurt, fat-free ice cream, whatever you like.

Compound Adjectives in English

What is a compound modifier? Define compound adjective: Compound Adjectives!!! He is a world and famous singer.

what are compound adjectives examples

Click here to log in New account 4 million accounts created! Compound adjective definition: Hello Your lesson is very good. A tablecloth which is very white is a white-snow tablecloth a white-snowing tablecloth a snow-white tablecloth I don't know. We are describing the alligator. This is a well-done lesson but you forgot to mention the number-noun sing: What Are Compound Adjectives? What are Adjectives? Amani jemai November 5, 2018.