What are sweetgrass turkeys

sweetgrass TURKEYS

Usually Broody: Show Ignored Content. Sweetgrass turkeys exist in both heritage and broad breasted varieties. Free range with a coop, or a large pen Temperament: Show more. I think one criteria for hybrid is that when bred together, they do not produce more of themselves.

Sweetgrass Turkey

What animals do you want to keep happy and healthy? Search Media New Media. Apr 12, 2013 Post 10 of 44. This tri-color variety, did not exist in the United States until 1996, when it was hatched from a flock of Broad Breasted Bronze in Montana, on Sweetgrass Farm.

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what are sweetgrass turkeys

Every year we raise extra jakes for the Thanksgiving table and they are extremely tasty, as well has having a pretty good growth rate for a heritage breed. BackYard Chickens. Last edited: Hybrid varieties won't breed true. Helpful Sweetgrass Turkey Review. Feb 25, 2010 Post 4 of 44. The Sweetgrass Turkey is a tri-colored variety, which is a heavily marked royal palm pattern with chestnut red. Large 18 - 36 lbs.

what are sweetgrass turkeys

Mate 2 Sweetgrass turkeys and you get more Sweetgrass turkeys. I have selectively bred this line down to a much trimmer body type which can breed naturally and are also very hardy. Silkies rule Forever , R2elk and nightowl223 like this. Show more beautiful breed, good growth rate, heritage breed.

Feb 24, 2010 Post 2 of 44. They are a larger breed among the heritage turkeys so they are great for meat and they can reproduce naturally.

what are sweetgrass turkeys

They are docile, friendly and beautiful. A clear example of one of these turkeys appears in an old painting, by the Flemish master Joachim Beuckelaars, from 1566!

what are sweetgrass turkeys

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