What does override mean in business

The vast majority of incentive consideration is tied to absolute booking volumes based on transactions such as flight segments booked. Business development and sales are two important aspects of the selling life cycle and while it can be easy to focus on one over the other neither should be neglected. This may also be interesting as the money flow may change https: Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects.

See all examples of override. Latest Articles. What Is Overbooking? Is there any overriding reason to disclose information, for example, serious danger to others?

overriding commission

The method should be defined with the same signature in both derived and base classes. Uh oh! Controlling and being in charge. Home Dictionary Tags Development. I was missing the override bonus.

I was the leader of the group, so I could override any decision made by the people under me, which made me feel powerful.

Travel Technology for Dummies: What Are Incentives, Commission & Overrides?

To my understanding… override is an incentive to be given for a profitable period… not for the company to take from the sales agent if the sales for the period is at a negative or a loss. Jump to top. He overrode the autopilot when he realized it was malfunctioning.

what does override mean in business

The common good, he argued , overrode minority interests. Dear Mark, Thanks for your question. Related Terms. But this time, I want to focus on what those numbers actually mean. Although this consideration has been increasing in real terms, growing in the low-single digits on a per booking basis in recent years, it has been relatively stable as a percentage of [GDS] revenue over the last five years, partially due to our focus on managing incentive consideration.

Jeffrey Glen.

what does override mean in business

New Whitepaper: Techopedia Terms: The override modifier is intended to implement the concept of polymorphism in C. Toggle navigation Menu. Hacking Autonomous Vehicles:

what does override mean in business