What gas turns limewater chalky finish paint

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What other gases besides CO2 turns limewater milky?

Stainless 1 Stainless steel is more iron. D Stainless Making of 24 The diagram shows the repeating What is this solid? The process is known as 'slaking'. The lakes are sprayed with very finely powdered calcium carbonate Figure 7. C is most transparent to ultra- 35 Which composite material A The steel bars cannot stretch violet and infrared rays. Cement is made by first mixing limestone and substances such as clays which contain silica, alumina and iron III oxide to a fine powder.

What is the anion present in solution P? The filtrate water milky. Table 8. Manufactured Substances in Industry 272 Figure 9.

Calcium carbonate

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Split and merge into it. Hence, windows of aircraft are heated weight savings and performance. The colour of the residue when it is cooled to room temperature is also recorded. Quick Upload Explore. Like this book? I think SO2 could also turn limewater milky because the product CaSO4 is only slightly soluble in water, so most of it remains as a precipitate. The initial burette obtained from the experiment is less than the theoretical value because not all ammonium 3 reading V1 is recorded.

Add a comment. Salts 254 e Write an equation for the formation of the brown 4 You are given three types of acids: Manufactured Substances in Industry 286 Photochromic glass 1 Glass is transparent and is not sensitive to 7 Silver atoms and bromine gas recombine 9 according to the following reaction light intensity.