What is critical health literacy statistics

Understanding Health Literacy

Fact Sheet: For example, it includes the ability to understand instructions on prescription drug bottles, appointment slips, medical education brochures, doctor's directions and consent forms, and the ability to negotiate complex health care systems. What people may have learned about health or biology during their school years often becomes outdated or forgotten, or it is incomplete.

For example, calculating cholesterol and blood sugar levels, measuring medications, and understanding nutrition labels all require math skills. I also did not appreciate that looking to the standard of care decision was also not the best information for making my decision.

what is critical health literacy statistics

Implications for National Health Policy "Low health literacy is a major source of economic inefficiency in the U. Poor interactive literacy means difficulties in explaining health problems or discussing them with health professionals.

what is critical health literacy statistics

People with limited health literacy often lack knowledge or have misinformation about the body as well as the nature and causes of disease. Read a set of short instructions, and identify what is permissible to drink before a medical test. The NAAL results are grouped into four levels of health literacy-below basic, basic, intermediate, and proficient. The longer a treatment is available, the higher the statistic will be.

what is critical health literacy statistics

Innovative approaches, as well as application of existing best practices to developing and disseminating health information, are necessary if we are going to increase the likelihood that people will make healthy choices, successfully manage their own health, and make the best use of limited health care resources.

The Joint Commission, the group that accredits and certifies health care organizations and programs in the United States, stresses the importance of health literacy, health communication, and cultural competencies as an element of quality health care.

Critical health literacy, statistics, and treatment decisions

Consumer health librarians can also support the direct needs of health information consumers by providing materials that are multilingual, culturally appropriate and easy-to-read, and by developing methods and materials to teach consumers how to evaluate health information resources, especially those found on the Internet.

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what is critical health literacy statistics

Presentation delivered at the European Health Forum Gastein; 2004; 2004. Available at www. Journal of General Internal Medicine , 2006, Aug;21 8: Even though culture is only one part of health literacy, it is a very important piece of the complicated topic of health literacy.

what is critical health literacy statistics

Literacy impacts health knowledge, health status, and access to health services. In their daily life, they are not intellectually challenged and often have no or simple jobs. Healthcare professionals have their own culture and language.