What is h3c molecule

What's the difference between H3C and CH3?

Take a look at the ball-and-stick model. I'm sure someone here probably knows of a better one.

what is h3c molecule

Thus, you use "H3C" on the left side of the diagram but "CH3" on the right side - so, in both cases, the "C" is towards the middle. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. For more information in general have a look at the help center. I did chemistry only to 7th form High School , didn't do any at University... Thanks for the replies!

What's the difference between CH3 and H3C? (Chemistry)?

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what is h3c molecule

It takes some practice to do this properly to make sure that the carbons get properly represented as tetrahedra. Yahoo Answers.

what is h3c molecule

Methane is CH 4. You can not be afraid of the wind, Enterprise: What's the difference between H3C and CH3? By using this website, you signify your acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The Many, Many Ways of Drawing Butane

To see this take off all the hydrogens and you have the same structure. Best Answer: Just be aware of what each of the conventions represent the common abbreviations Me, Et, Pr, Bu..

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what is h3c molecule

Molar mass of H3C is 15. Sign up using Facebook. Where would you like to explore today?