What is hiros bot fighting robot

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what is hiros bot fighting robot

Tadashi then took his brother to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology trying to change his mind about his future.

The bot was made by Hiro, who used it against Mr. Megabot then was "destroyed" by Little Yama.

what is hiros bot fighting robot

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what is hiros bot fighting robot

Hiro realizes that the only other possible suspect was Trina, so he becomes disappointed and he also tries to talk her out of bot-fighting because she's smart and she could turn her life around too. I wanted to print the fight robot from Big Hero 6, but with bungee cord instead of magnets.

The police also arrived, followed the bot fighters and apprehended them. Contents [ show ]. Hiro watched Yama fight another bot fighter using his Little Yama bot. He then finally fights Trina and defeats her bot by using laser eye upgrades he gave to Megabot, so Trina becomes impressed and kisses him.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Launches on Mobile

This also adds an explosive symbol to the board, which can clear all cells of a chosen type when activated. Unknowingly, she had also hacked Megabot, so it joined the other bots to form the robot while Trina escaped. Big Hero 6: These require more energy than standard campaign story missions, but they may also provide rewards not otherwise available at the time. Step 1: Levels require energy to begin, which recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased with premium currency. Hiro left with a great impression about the SFIT and decided to leave bot-fighting in favor of joining the school.

Hiro's fight robot from Big Hero 6

Design Tools 123D Design. Customize a Thing. Trina however refuses and reveals she is indeed the thief, then activates the bots she had hacked to fuse into a large bot to attack Hiro and his friends.

Regardless, Hiro easily defeats Yama, and then his friends call him to tell him they didn't find anything that revealed Yama was the thief.

Summary I wanted to print the fight robot from Big Hero 6, but with bungee cord instead of magnets. Robo 3D. Thing License. If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag.