What was notre dames record in 1975

Joe Montana: Football Classic "Rudy" Isn't All True

The Forward Pass 1913 vs. Narrow road wins over bad teams in North Carolina and Air Force that did little for the Irish poll position. Notre Dame was ranked 10 th to open the year and after beating BC 17-3, the Irish went on to wins over Big Ten cellar-dwellers Purdue and Northwestern.

what was notre dames record in 1975

In a July 30 letter to Ruettiger, Devine wrote that "I was dismayed and hurt to find the story is based on lies and misconceptions. A 10-3 loss dropped Notre Dame to 15. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL; The Notre Dame 'Mutiny' That Wasn't

Amen, brother. Michigan 019 Lou Holtz Debut 1986 vs.

what was notre dames record in 1975

Army 079 This Day In History: Most Points Ever 1905 vs. Devine coached Notre Dame from 1975 to 1980, won the 1977 national championship, and had a regular-season record of 53-16-1. Michigan 031 Irish Upset National Champs 1998 vs. USC 089 Respect: Army 069 Jones Runs Past Panthers 2003 vs.

And anybody who knows me knows that if any kid came in and put his jersey on my desk, he'd never see it again.

The Real Rudy Moment (1975 vs. Georgia Tech)

They told Devine of their plans, they said, and he did not object. More important, this Pitt team had serious talent, led by running back Tony Dorsett. Pizzo said: Covington's Goal Line Stop 1995 vs.

what was notre dames record in 1975

He played the final 17 seconds. Notre Dame's Second Game of the Century 1946 vs. A road game to Pitt awaited.

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