Where is 15122 zip code

Area Codes that cover ZIP Code 15122

Sort by this field to get all the top household incomes by zip code. Previous ZIP Code. Residential Mailboxes: Monthly Benefits - All: Allegheny County, PA.

where is 15122 zip code

Black Population: Unique ZIP Code includes businesses and government buildings that have their own unique zip code. Number of Businesses: Income Per Household: Aggregated Statistics For Year 1999 Based on 3 full and 4 partial tracts. Metropolitan divisions are conceptually similar the primary metropolitan statistical areas PMSAs defined under previous standards.

West Mifflin, PA 15122 ZIP Code Profile

A Core Based Statistical Area is the official term for a functional region based around an urban center of at least 10,000 people, based on standards published by the Office of Management and Budget OMB in 2000.

State FIPS: Annual Payroll: This zip code: ZIP Code Database. Women who had a birth in the past 12 months: This data does not inlcude population counts for persons in nursing homes, correctional facilities, or other institutions.

where is 15122 zip code

Most recent value. PMSA Name: Aggregated Statistics For Year 2001 Based on 6 full and 8 partial tracts. Allegheny County 2016 presidential election results by municipality...

where is 15122 zip code