Who is guineveres father


Internet URLs are the best. I shall ask no share. Constantine squirmed in his seat.

who is guineveres father

Although the early circumstances of her character may have defined her persona from the beginning, the later Medieval writers, with their Christian-based social perceptions, would have found it hard to treat Guinevere as anything other than a morally dubious, unfaithful woman. Guinevere , wife of Arthur, legendary king of Britain, best known in Arthurian romance through the love that his knight Sir Lancelot bore for her. View More. This site uses cookies. King Arthur , legendary British king who appears in a cycle of medieval romances known as the Matter of Britain as the sovereign of a knightly fellowship of the Round Table.

Even several royal princes sought her hand. He roused the armies of the whole of Cornubia and Dibneria, but the Abbot of Glastonia, attended by the clergy and Gildas the Wise, stepped in between the contending armies and advised King Melvas to restore the ravished lady. Because we had been close friends, or so I let her believe, she allowed me to accompany her, as well as the old woman who claimed to be my grandmother.

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Queen Guinevere

Alternative Titles: One of the most beautiful maidens in Britain, Guinevere is usually depicted as meeting King Arthur after he helped expel King Ryons from her father's kingdom. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All I want is to destroy Arthur and Guinevere. Guinevere often appears in the Arthurian legends as the victim of abduction, a theme which is sometimes linked with a deified aspect of her origins. All that belonged to Arthur and Guinevere will be yours.

Leodegrance had served Uther Pendragon , King Arthur 's biological father and regnal predecessor.

who is guineveres father

And if they succeed in destroying me first, my spirit will return to haunt Britain for centuries to come. Deciding I would not leave until after she had died, I entered the hut and went to her bedside.

who is guineveres father

You have no idea what it is to sleep in a cave without even an animal fur to cover you on a cold winter night. In the morning Meliagrance saw the blood and claimed Queen Guinevere had been dishonoured by one of her wounded knights. Her abductor is usually, Sir Meleagant earlier known as King Melwas who takes her to his stronghold at Glastonbury.

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Guinevere's Family

Comments RSS. Then I planned to gather my few belongings and depart forever. They were given the Round Table as a wedding present by her father. I envied her, for the only man interested in me was a shepherd, and he had nothing to offer me except a hut and a stench I could not tolerate.

From the time of Geoffrey of Monmouth, Guinevere appears to have been something of a traitress, for he implies that she was a willing participant in Sir Mordred 's rebellion; although the earlier Welsh Triads tell an otherwise unknown story that the Battle of Camlann at the climax of this conflict was caused by Mordred raiding Arthur's court and striking his Queen.