Whole wheat bread bakers percentage for dummies

So choose the recipe based on what you want to achieve too. Hydration means the amount of water in a dough.

Professional Baker’s Reference

Hi there, I love your website. For this example recipe the total combined percentage figure for 4500 g is 170. This gives us the following recipe with a total dough batch of 2999 g which is close enough of course:. About us Show Search.

Baker’s Percentage Tutorial, Part 1

Thank you for this. The Recipe. Related Articles Math for Bakers. But this gets even more exciting!

One Formula to Rule Them All

With a grasp of BP and a bit of knowledge about basic dough formula parameters, you can:. Although there is accuracy to the percentages as they are expressed, there is also confusion.

whole wheat bread bakers percentage for dummies

With this table you scale the recipe to bake 4 loaves like we did in example 1 and 2. Hi Andrea!

The basics of baker's percentage

Place in tins. Follow JWinslowAB. Learn about techniques and methods. Sincerely Pilar Anderson.

whole wheat bread bakers percentage for dummies

The rest of the ingredients are a percentage of the flour. It can therefore be a good idea, when using preferments, to also express the formula in terms of Overall Baker's Percent.

whole wheat bread bakers percentage for dummies

To obtain the weights of the remaining ingredients, first we divide the percentage by 100 to obtain a decimal, then multiply the resulting decimal by the weight of the flour. In the meantime, in case you want to be as geeky as me, click here for a few practice exercises. This is why I use a spreadsheet that calculates it all for me.

whole wheat bread bakers percentage for dummies

I cheat. Hello Ed and Marieke, Thanks for this useful post about Bakers percentages. Sorry to bother, but how do you calculate the percentage using a starter?