Wholesale clothing manufacturers wholesalers in china

wholesale clothing manufacturers wholesalers in china

I want to have made shirts I design with different type of prints. Any help is appreciated. You may also attach physical samples, for the supplier to sign and stamp.

wholesale clothing manufacturers

Hello sir I am looking for a supplier for t-shirts and hoodies can you suggest me something please? But i havent start anything on the supplier yet.

wholesale clothing manufacturers wholesalers in china

I am planning to open my first small clothing store, and I want to find a good Chinese supplier. Hey Brown. Hi, Frederik. I would like to design my own garment with fabric sourced in my own country and manufacture in China.

wholesale clothing manufacturers wholesalers in china

Thanks a lot for this article. Hi, This webpage is really helpful thanks! Hi Fredrik I am looking at starting my own fashion brand in Australia where the clothes are of a good quality but everyday people can afford them.

I have had a read of your site and it has been very useful thanks.

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Can you help? For more information on Chinese garment factories you can also contact me. Before you even bother to contact manufacturers, you need to get your specifications in order. Sounds complicated?

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I was so happy with my first order that I just had to order again. I have been printing custom multi function bandana tubes in China for a couple of years. You can directly place an order on our shop in Alibaba web. What can we do? Once the manufacturer is identified then the other details will follow. We do provide manufacturer lists as part of our Starter Package for Textiles including T-shirts, headwear and more.

Best regards sophia.