100 humidity when raining

Quite an abundance! Terri Little Rock, AR.

100 humidity when raining

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Tom,When it rains is the relative humidity...

So the more water molecules that are added to air, the lighter and less dense the air becomes. As more freezing raindrops get caught in the updraft, they collide with the hailstones, adding layer after layer of ice.

100 humidity when raining

On rare occasions, the updrafts can be strong enough so the hailstones can grow larger than softballs! Why would the reading be different?

Why Isn't 100 Percent Humidity Always Rain?

Our severe weather expert Dr. Nicole, The falling precipitation could be rain at 26 F, but if it is liquid before it hits the ground, chances are that it would freeze as soon as it hits something, like the ground, or streets or trees.

Are raindrops really shaped like teardrops like in the drawings we see? Nathan Huntsville, AL.

How Rain and Humidity Connected?

If it melts, then re-freezes in a layer of sub-freezing air closer to the ground, you get sleet. But the time of year may throw a monkey wrench into argument.

100 humidity when raining

So if one inch of rain is one twelfth of a foot, this means the volume of water that falls in an acre is 43,560 divided by twelve, or 3,630 cubic feet. Rain and Humidity.

Ask Tom why: Is it possible for relative humidity to exceed 100 percent?

The danger is when the precipitation comes from a thunderstorm. Also, some of the energy of the above-freezing fog droplets helps melt the snow. Snowflakes partially melt in the layer of warmer air, but then freeze again in the cold air near the ground. Don Stockton, California. Most clouds form this way, but the cooling comes not from ice in a glass, but as the air rises and cools high in the sky. Dear Nick, We have two rain gauges. That, as you probably have guessed, is frost.

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