Agent 13 civil war what happened to

Carter is most likely still with the CIA, and since the government and Tony Stark's team have teamed up, Carter is just doing her job.

Carter gave them the receipt for their equipment.

Avengers Infinity War: Does THIS prove Captain America romance with Sharon Carter is over?

She stayed with Fury providing medical attention while Rogers attempted to apprehend the attacker. She ended up being a worthwhile and trustworthy ally.

Video Loading Video Unavailable. She ended up joining with the CIA at the end of the film. The Winter Soldier. Met Office UK weather: Rumlow, despite Carter's best efforts, managed to put the Helicarriers in the air before escaping while Carter continued firing at him. For other uses, see Agent 13 disambiguation "I asked her once how she managed to master diplomacy and espionage at a time when no one wanted to see a woman succeed at either.

Captain America: Civil War teams revealed and Agent 13 has a surprising role next to Steve Rogers

But it was a lot to live up to, which is why I never told anyone we were related. However, Pierce then arrived and told the staff that he was withholding important information connected to the Attack on Nick Fury. The two were interrupted by Sam Wilson who informed Rogers that the International Centre in Vienna had been destroyed.

agent 13 civil war what happened to

Proposals Woman baffled after boyfriend announces engagement - without proposing first. Who is Agent 13 and does she compare to her comic book counterpart?

Civil War: Who is Agent 13?

Peggy was the one who inspired Sharon to join S. Storms Hundreds of live FISH rain from the sky during mega storm in Malta Residents of Malta enjoyed a free pick of seafood as they battled gale-force winds and high waves during storm.

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agent 13 civil war what happened to

When her aunt passed away, Carter attended the funeral in London. She fought on the side of S. With S. As she exited Pierce's office, Carter passed Steve Rogers who was also on his way to meet with Pierce; as they passed Rogers nodded to her and called her neighbor without eye contact. By Carl Greenwood.

agent 13 civil war what happened to

In addition, there's a fight scene where she's kicking Winter Soldier in the head. David Hasselhoff reveals exclusive details about the Knight Rider revival with Mirror Online as he promotes his new audiobook - and reveals why it's taken so long.

agent 13 civil war what happened to

Nick Fury personally assigned Carter to monitor and protect Steve Rogers in his home apartment and was given the apartment opposite to his, acting as a nurse going by the name Kate. She met up with them in a secret location.

agent 13 civil war what happened to

Cancer Parents' heartbreak as four-year-old's uneven smile turns out to be brain cancer. One of the characters that will be making an appearance is Agent 13, whose real name is Sharon Carter.