Beer can amp how to make

I did this back in college with either the lincon or the millers transformer machines Wp 20 torch..

How to Make a Guitar Amp (Cheap)!!!

That's why i even didn't list the parts on step 2. I know this is an old thread, but I figured I should revive it.

How to Build A Guitar Amp

They break and the pieces fly fast enought to turn you into a pirate, full-time patch-on. RezLar 5 years ago on Introduction.

Soda & Beer Can Speaker

Its best to stat with the 5k pot because its easier to put on first. Start by putting on all the pieces and then begin soldering the pieces to the board before moving on the the pots and speaker.

beer can amp how to make

Almost done. Be clever and think safety first.

Video: The Beer Can Guitar Amp

For the control plate - I chose a trapezoildal shape, by the dimensions of 90mm x 65mm x 100mm - Draw the shape you chose - Put at least one centerline to guide you when positioning it on the beer keg - I decide to position the controls in a manner that resembles the drawing on the left in the studies, but without the distortion button and dial and bargraph. Hey, sorry for the misnaming of the kind of keg used.

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beer can amp how to make

Its been a few years since I have done it, but it is doable with a little practice. Last Jump to page: You can find me as...

Beer Can Guitar Amp

Also, i added a two-pin male conector between pcb and transformer, so i could remove the control module for maintenance. Go get those goggles!

beer can amp how to make

Join Date Apr 2012 Posts 183. Also, taping them to the keg can make much easier the drilling and cutting operations, by puncturing guides through the paper.

Use the reference points you draw on your templates to puncture the center of holes and of the speaker itself.