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But I have seen a system in production use at Big Banks first saw it yesterday, or first noticed it, probably thanks to this conversation that uses the filesystem as a base-254-of-key to value store. Passing this flag, one can choose where the logfile should be and its name. You can also use convmv to convert file names to all upper or lower case with the --upper and --lower options respectively.

Posted by MB in Uncategorized on May 6, 2011. I've seen this in real-world uses too, but I thought that all the common systems were fixed to do human-style non-ASCIIbetical sorting a few years ago.

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Check this page for a list of codepages used by various language versions of FAT. Getmail4 is the 4th version of Getmail — which is designed to get rid of the shortcomings in fetchmail. Oh so very true. To rename the files, add the —notest option. Home Disclaimer Contact Me. Yes, this too is bizarre, but at least it's not dash-prepended. Instagram A view from above lasvegas, with mtpotosi on the left.

utf-8-py: a script that fixes ownCloud non-UTF8 filenames issues

It's pretty clear that the change to require UTF-8 and even the change to be case insensitive! Everyone who does "find. In my opinion, much easier and better than a bash script.

Normal X-Mailer: You can just use conventions for that. Leading spaces are common, actually Posted Mar 27, 2009 15: Wow, childish personal attacks. This will not conflict with the above because all the escaped characters do not have the high bit set.

Meta-discussion Posted Mar 26, 2009 18: