Danny howells gimme shelter

The solo in that song as well as 'Shelter', with its otherworldly intensity, gives me chills every time. No, create an account now.

danny howells gimme shelter

I listened to all my versions of Gimme Shelter and none of them sound too great. But when I hear this song I think,my god this song along is the proof that Stones is the best band ever by far. Much better than when I used to amuse an old boyfriend by planning out my funeral to be held at the Whisky A GoGo on the Sunset Strip, a frequent "haunt" of mine.

His Majesty.

danny howells gimme shelter

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Best version of Gimme Shelter

The magic of Gimmie Shelter. I always thought we were blessed with an awesome studio version and excellent live versions as well. Cape Town. Anyone listen to Grand Funk's version lately?

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In case the YouTube version gets taken down, if you like this Danny Howells remix it is available for download here at the moment: Newer Post Older Post Home.

I like them too much and I hear them much more often than Gimme Shelter. As if the only thing that mattered in the world was how good this song sounded at that very moment. My interpretation of the song, is that its about despair and the worst things about the world, but its all made right somehow by love.

danny howells gimme shelter

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Columbus, Ohio. The number is LC3098. I like the version on the original London Let It Bleed.