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We see that the buying and selling of art has become a delicate melange of commerce and aesthetic sensibilities.

doctor who dominic glynn remix little einsteins

On his tandem bike, Oz Clarke quantum leaps through past, present and future, mixing drinks and metaphors as he rides through a cultural and historical minestrone of Australia.

This program looks at the relationship between a woman who wants to be a champion, and a horse that everyone said would never make a jumper.

But what most people don't know about Barbara is what's going through her head as she walks the daunting Darwin ABC hallway on her way into the studio to read the news, or even what takes precedence in her life when she is not at work. Whichever way you look at it, it's a lot of people living with the possibility that, at any moment, a lead weight could land on their chest and literally squeeze the air from their lungs. To track them down he must climb the highest of the Cape York rainforest trees.

Received every 18 days, these reports give a more detailed view of the condition of our land than can ever be discovered at ground level. We learn what motivates this leading writer and voice within the Aboriginal rights movement. But always his desire to paint and explore art has conflicted with the time Dr Taylor's had to give to his other love: But over the years the suburb has endured negative press and unwarranted stereotypes.

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Part of Blackout series. Thirty people from all corners of the cricketing world paint a picture of what the man was really like, his determined nature, the quirks of his complex personality, offering opinions as to why he has been such an important figure in Australia's social, cultural and sporting history for the greater part of the 20th century.

Tim Bowden travels to the Australian bases in Antarctica. BOOK BUG brings a blend of fantasy, mystery and realism to the television screen and features stories by contemporary Australian children's authors. The Rosentreters, three generations of water diviners, face the most difficult job of their career as they drill their final monumental irrigation bore.

doctor who dominic glynn remix little einsteins

The teetering balance of life, work and creativity are laid bare in Amy Gebhardt's intense portrait. Follows the experiences of 5 teenagers undertaking a world first experiment - their school has introduced Positive Education, a controversial new approach to education designed to help children develop ways of becoming happier, more resilient people.

doctor who dominic glynn remix little einsteins

It was pursued to the edge of extinction by European whalers last century. An engaging series for children aged one to five-years-old which sees the bananas and their friend Rat-in-a-Hat get up to all sorts of high jinx. He is taught the art of clowning by a former clown, Anatole, an iron-willed Frenchman who is no longer able to perform.

Are teenage girls too influenced by magazines and skinny models?