How does breeding ivs workout

Guide to Competitive Pokemon EV training and IV Breeding

So now you know what IVs are. Now, before we go any further, let me address a rather big question you probably have. I can't stress enough how much trouble perfect dittos will save you.

Curse Help Register Sign In. This is how you breed better and better IVs onto your pokemon.

Pokemon Emerald Version – Breeding/Training FAQ

You'll also pick up other items which you can keep to use or sell. If you don't, repeat until you get the gender with superior stat.

how does breeding ivs workout

Refer to the particular IV calculator you're using for more information. The time spent will be well worth it.

how does breeding ivs workout

Metalkid's Pokemon Program 4. That's not true.

The Breeding Guide Part I

I'll use Heracross. What is a Pokemon nature? These will be the parents of Generation 1.

how does breeding ivs workout

The hidden power of a pokemon is defined by it's IVs. Hatch it, and check the IVs, and reset if they aren't what you want. Version 3. This process takes about an hour or two, but you can shorten it quite a bit by using Vitamins, the Macho Brace, and the Pokerus virus. Cookies make wikiHow better. Go check with the husband of the Daycare couple.

how does breeding ivs workout

You'd be disadvantaging yourself against all the other pokemon out there that are EV trained and do have high IVs. Learn more...