How to calculate ramp length for trailer

My best advice would be go look at trailers that match yours and get a general measurement on the ramp length on them and desigh from there.

Ramp Calculator

My old car trailer had 6 foot ramps. I always carried a couple pieces of 4"X4" that I'd back the trucks rear wheels onto...

The calculator compares 20 different Race Ramps trailer ramps using a few dimensions from your car and trailer.

how to calculate ramp length for trailer

Actually, I don't use ramps, my trailer is a dovetail and I unhook it and raise it till the back hits the ground and cable the car or whatever on and then let it down and hook back up. And also install the winch for it: CHF Swiss Franc. You also need to consider the break-over angle as the car moves from the ramps to the trailer bed. General Terms and Conditions.

how to calculate ramp length for trailer

My ol' carhauler trailer is about 19 or 20 " high. Race Ramps Trailer Ramps make angle more gradual.

Automotive Ramp Calculator

Simply measure from end to end. Race Ramps Trailer Ramps are intended to supplement your existing trailer ramps or trailer door to decrease the ramp incline to accommodate the approach angle on your car.

Constant Incline Ramps. Our loading capacities refer to homogeneously distributed loads in relation to different wheelbases. The solution; draw the jaws 10 times larger than the actual ones.

how to calculate ramp length for trailer

If the trailer door is too steep then the car may bottom out when it straddles the door hinge with the front tires in the trailer and the rear tires still on the door. When I'm trying to figure out something like that, I'll make a scale model of the situation. What you really should do is put a hydraulic on the trailer and make the bed move to the ground. The loading capacities in the tables are either for a min.

how to calculate ramp length for trailer

Back when I commonly hauled my skidder around the countryside, I only unloaded it where I could find a handy ditch to drop the trailer wheels into. All rights reserved.

Trailer Ramp Calculator Identifies Best Ramp for Your Car/Trailer Combination

You will never have to fight them ramps again. At the front of your car, measure the ground clearance. Race Ramps must be placed on the ground.