How to dissect a pigeon

The orientation of the upper arm humerus and forearm radius and ulna is much like that in reptiles, but the wrist and hand are fused, elongated, and directed caudad tailward. A compact reddish gland lying in the loop of the duodenum.

Dissection of Pigeon (With Diagram) | Zoology

Disarray them to see how they can be preened by yourself back into working order. In this article we will discuss about the dissection of pigeon. Introduced and Invasive notes w. Demonstrate this air sac inflation and explain its significance to Mr. The keel provides an anchor to which a bird's wing muscles attach, thereby providing adequate leverage for flight.

Bird Dissection

The muscles exposed after the removal of the skin are the two pectoralis major, which nearly fill the wedge-shaped space between the body and the keel of the sternum, and form the breast.

The tarsi can be terete in cross-section or ridged behind. Words that describe different bill types include long, short, hooked, crossed, compressed, depressed, stout, terete, straight, recurved, decurved, bent, swollen, acute, obtuse, chisel-like, toothed, serrate, spatulate, notched, conical, lamellate. Look for crests, head tufts, and facial discs. It is the largest and most ventral flight muscle.

how to dissect a pigeon

In the male the vas deferens called a seminal vesicle at its posterior end passes from each testis back to the cloaca. It joins the caudal vein, close to the point of its bifurcation. The Urinary Excretory System 10. To make out the outlines of air sacs, if necessary, inflate them occasionally by blowing air through the trachea.

Compare wing and tail shapes--especially the shape of the tips--which vary with birds' flight styles, and note the relative size of the wings in comparison with the body bulk to get some idea of the bird's flight abilities. Vestige of right ovary is often present.

how to dissect a pigeon

You may be able to find the ducts leading from the kidneys to the cloaca. Unlike those in Amphibia and Reptilia the two systems are however, independent in Columba. The prominent hand bone is the carpometacarpus.

how to dissect a pigeon

Using your scalpel, carefully make a lengthwise cut through the heart, starting at the lower lip and moving toward the anterior end. Vibrations in the bony ridges and membranes of the syrinx produce the complex vocalizations that characterize different species of birds. It opens into the coprodoeum of the cloaca. The lungs and air sacs should become distended and more prominent.

how to dissect a pigeon

The components of the circulatory system are the heart, veins, arteries and capillaries. There are 9 air sacs.

Bird anatomy and dissection

Paired, large, elongated sacs lying in the abdominal cavity. This is a characteristic that birds share with reptiles. Remove the tissues present in this area and the postcaval vein can be identified.