How to do paper quilling leaves

how to do paper quilling leaves

Do vote for it if you liked it: August 7, 2014 17 Comments. The individual pieces look SO complex and difficult, but you make it look easy.

how to do paper quilling leaves

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So let's start. Many thanks! Once you have that done, pinch the center portion so that the tapered end of the leaf is made.

how to do paper quilling leaves

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Quilling - Combing - Exotic Leaf

Basic Quilling instructions: Really glad you like my work: Beginners must read! By papertales PaperTales Follow.

Once that's done, put glue on the circle and stick it on the petals.. For the flower which I am teaching you, we need 15 strips of coloured strips and a few green strips. Pulling out the quilling pattern from the comb will be a little difficult the first time but the key is to slowly pull it out together.

Gorgeous 3D Quilled Flowers and Leaves From Scratch!

Quilled bird. Divide them into bunches of 3 and fold them according to the pic above. Now go on ahead and make all the petals in the same style.. The tutorial I am sharing with you all today is my first exhaustive quilling project that I did for a craft competition in my office.

Learn to make these gorgeous and colorful flowers and leaves today, from scratch!

how to do paper quilling leaves

Use as many colors as possible and you can make them however big or small as you want.