How to leave star rating ebay

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how to leave star rating ebay

When this happens, I just look at the little blue number next to the star. Communication stars should apply to communication about the sale, either qnswers to questions or notification of any needed information. It doesn't make sense. You can probably trust them to treat you well and provide efficient support. Try ChannelReply. Most Popular. I paid.

How the eBay Star Rating System Works

Sign me up for the newsletter. A 3 in communication shouldn't give them a defect. How quickly did the seller ship the item? And many sellers wait until they've received feedback first, since buyer feedback is inconsequential.

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Are you buying an item or feedback? Neither of you are obligated to leaving feedback.

how to leave star rating ebay

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how to leave star rating ebay

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How to Give Detailed Star Ratings to an eBay Seller

Showing results for. Jul 23, 2013 5: A DSR can be adjusted under this circumstance:. View All. In this book Marsha provides the tactics and know-how to take your business to the next level.

Knowledge Base. On the next page that appears, click the Leave Feedback link. In addition to a feedback comment and rating positive, negative, or neutral , buyers should leave detailed seller ratings, too.