How to make a chip bag purse

DIY Candy Bag Tutorial!

By Dottie [3 Comments]. Name required. The chip bags are pretty easy to sew together.

Potato Chip Bag Purse

By gwebisu Follow. This is a little tricky. Reply 3 years ago.

how to make a chip bag purse

However, using the same width for both pockets is easier. Lay the long pocket over the inside of the wallet back, bottom edges together.

DIY Green: Recycle a potato chip bag into an eye-catching mini purse

It is used to cover the bags when you fuse them with the iron. Starting a Handmade Business. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I mainly had this problem with the large piece, after I folded it and tried fusing it again.

how to make a chip bag purse

Cut out the long inside pocket using the template and the remaining large chip bag: Every time I use mine I get tons of compliments. I decided I wanted to make mine more square so I cut of some of the bottom and top.

how to make a chip bag purse

Fuse the folds down. Materials for one Potato Chip Bag Wallet: Here comes a trick part. Repeat this step with the other side. BUT - what's the secret to making the thin, slippery chip bags into a tough, durable material suitable for a wallet?

Potato Chip Bag Wallet

It ended up looking like a mostly-chip-bag wallet with just a bit of duct-tape trim. Published by ThriftyFun. Reply 5 years ago on Step 3. This seriously is the easiest bag ever to make. Next time I travel I will bring my empty chip bags home.