How to make ipad stylus at home

It'll also work with any app on any smartphone or tablet—not just Adobe's apps or the Apple iPad. Moisten the cotton swab with a drop of water.

DIY: The 2-minute Stylus

Are you looking for more accuracy when drawing on your tablet or are you having trouble using your touch screen while wearing gloves? Never pull the knife toward yourself. A Anonymous Jul 24, 2016. Sharpen the tip the narrow tip that touches the food of the chopstick with the pencil sharpener.

how to make ipad stylus at home

Edit Related wikiHows. Duct tape is an insulator and would not let the energy from your finger transfer to the screen. Sand any rough edges of the chopstick as well so you don't get splinters. Anything abrasive can scratch and damage your screen. Just make sure your fingers or hand are touching the aluminum foil while you use it, because it won't work if you don't it needs the static electricity in your body to work as a capacitive tool.

how to make ipad stylus at home

A few layers of tape wrapped around the stylus may make it more comfortable to hold. Secure with tape.

how to make ipad stylus at home

Find a clean dish sponge not a scour pad and a ballpoint pen with a removable tip. Wrap the entire pencil with at least two layers of aluminum foil.

How to make a free iPad stylus

Thanks a lot for this I made it and it is working Thankyou once again. Use a Google Home and your phone to get the best ride.

how to make ipad stylus at home

You can use just about anything as a makeshift stylus--just be careful not to scratch the screen. J John Jun 15, 2017. Make sure that the foil covers some of the cotton swab not all , or else the stylus won't work.

Always be careful when handling a knife--remember to cut away from your body. Remove the plastic tip and the interior of the pen--the ballpoint tip, the ink reservoir, and spring if it is a click pen. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2.