How to pull off a headband

How to Wear a Thick Headband:

To wear a headband with your hair down, start by brushing out your hair and parting it if you want to. Once your hair is neatly combed and parted as you want, slide the headband into over your hair.

This blush-pink one looks gorgeous matching Bella's soft smoky eyes and pink lips. DIY your own headband by tying a silk scarf under the nape of your neck and leave the rest of your hair loose.

how to pull off a headband

Depending on the placement of your pony or braid, you may want to push it further back in your hair. Not used to wearing headbands but want to try them out?

Headband 101: 4 Very Modern Ways To Wear The Hair Accessory This Fall

Headbands on Casual Days You could almost never go wrong with any headband in casual situations. But apart from keeping a cautious eye on how you pair outfits and headbands, there are indeed limitless options.

Perfect for not-so-clean hair days and to catch sweat. You can opt for a traditional horseshoe style headband made of plastic or metal or a stretchy fabric headband, and you can choose a thin headband for a delicate look or a wide headband for a bolder look.

How to Wear Headbands on Different Occasions

If your hair is long enough, you could even create this look by rope twisting your own hair and pinning in place. Yep, the '00s favourite headband is back, and, of course, Bella Hadid makes it look chic. For a '90s throwback, copy Sarah Hyland's go-to gym style.

how to pull off a headband

To learn how to pair a pretty headband with your favorite updo, read on! Then, inquire about the theme, audience, and decorations. Tell us more about it? Wrap headband around your wrist as a sweatband.

The 6 Coolest Ways to Wear a Headband in 2017

What do we recommend to complete your look? When you plan to attend a formal occasion, do some research.

how to pull off a headband

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