How to swing a driver golf club

Beginner Golf Tip: How To Hit the Driver

Conversely, a few bad drives can be devastating to your entire round. But for the average golfer timing is next to impossible with the traditional golf swing. Of course it is fun to hit long drives, and there will be plenty of time to work on your distance — but only after you learn how to control the ball.

how to swing a driver golf club

The best thing to do is focus on your swing and making proper contact with the ball. Six Steps of the Golf Swing. At the same time, no one wants to crush one out of bounds or into a hazard.

how to swing a driver golf club

About halfway through the swing this will happen. JC John Cutler Jun 18, 2016.

how to swing a driver golf club

Please note that all of the tips below are written based on a right handed golfer. You don't always have to hit the driver off of the tee and the more you play, you'll start to learn which situations call for a different method off the tee. Related Articles. You can find it at: As a beginner these are so helpful for me. Straighten your rear arm as you bring the club around.

When is the correct time to shift my weight on the downswing, top of swing, half way through, or immediately before contact? If you really want to learn how to hit the ball a long distance and control it, you will learn how to use your lower body right from the top of the swing. Look forward to implementing these in my next round.

How to Swing a Driver

From there, it will be easy to learn the tweaks that are necessary in order to hit all of your clubs in a similar fashion. Follow through by bringing your club over your front shoulder. Focus on making contact with the ball. Being tense interrupts your natural swinging motion. Since most of your tee shots will be hit with the driver , it is helpful to review some of the main mechanical points of swinging that particular club.

This top ten help me a lot.

10 Best Swing Tips Ever!

As you start the swing, it will center in the heel on your back foot. How do I correct this? You can try lifting your toes up a little and raising your chest as well.