Matt smith doctor who intro 2015

The diamond logo was retired for a neon-tube-styled branding. Robot - The Horns of Nimon.

matt smith doctor who intro 2015

It was used for the remainder of the Eleventh Doctor era. One modification to the theme that became permanent was the use of a melodic sting a repeating musical phrase that gave the opening sequence a definite conclusion; before it simply cross faded into the first scene of the episode; the "middle eight" section of the theme, occasionally heard during the 1963-69 openings, was no longer included due to the sting.

matt smith doctor who intro 2015

Snow flowed through the tunnel of gears, which were icy blue while retaining the yellow flashing lights. For the first time, animation was added to the Doctor's image in an official title sequence; he now went from a sombre expression to a smile.

This same general format was retained when Doctor Who returned to television in 2005 with the addition of the TARDIS flying through the Time Vortex, although some fans bemoaned the loss of the Doctor's face from the sequence and created their own for video sharing services such as YouTube.

Title sequence

Spearhead from Space - The Green Death. The camera follows it from behind for a while before it disappears and, in a time vortex-like sequence, the names of the lead actors appear on screen a first for the TV franchise, with both McGann and McCoy receiving screen credit, although McCoy is billed fourth , after which the TARDIS is shown heading towards Earth.

matt smith doctor who intro 2015

In 1972 a revision was made, incorporating animation of the Doctor moving his hands over his head and a revised version of the theme music. The closing credits use the the vortex that appears toward the end of this intro sequence as a background, as the end credits scroll upward in the same white font as the intro, similar to the previous version.

matt smith doctor who intro 2015

Historically, the title sequence has been of great interest to Doctor Who fans, especially when it has been overhauled, as at the beginning of a new actor's tenure as the Doctor , or simply when a producer decided to do so.

In addition a "venetian blinds" effect is added to introduce Davison's image. As the cast list rolled by, the new Doctor Who logo would appear.

A version of the Tenth Doctor titles featuring an updated logo and theme, shown in HD. The 1963 - 1967 version of the programme titles did not feature an image of the Doctor, but from 1967-1989 the title sequence included a shot of the current Doctor's head floating either through space or the time vortex. For the 2009 miniseries Children of Earth no title sequence was used other than a very brief reference to the theme music, and the Torchwood: The Time Warrior - Planet of the Spiders.

The new titles open with a vast expanse of golden-bronze clock gears whizzing by in an empty space, bronze and gaseous in appearance. The episode and writer credits appear superimposed over the opening scenes of the episode.

matt smith doctor who intro 2015

The TARDIS passes through this vortex - about halfway through the sequence - and pans across the screen in a way very similar to the 2005-2010 title sequence, and then launches into the vortex on the right. Bernard Lodge created a new version of the title sequence for Pertwee's final season.

Doctor Who: Series 6 Intro (Version 2)

A more active howlround effect is employed in the second title sequence. For Series 7 , the title sequence was changed.

Sleep No More. The reason behind the new "venetian blind" effect was because, unlike Baker, Davison had a more normal hair style, thus the shape the stars would form is less interesting. In place of everything is golden letters spelling out the episode name and the writer credit s.