Me2 how to save everyone


Well I lost Thane, Tali, Jack and maybe three or four others. Before entering, make sure you have all 3 critical Normandy upgrades, otherwise squad members will die while making the crash landing.

me2 how to save everyone

The correct leaders again are Miranda, Jacob, or Garrus. How do i save all charecters in mass effect 2's final mission?

Mass Effect 2 - End Game Guide

Most importantly: If the defense check isn't met then people will start dying off, usually in order or weakest non loyal members first. You will then have just enough time to do Legion's loyalty mission before the Collectors abduct your crew.

How to make miranda forgive me? If you do it both times, then only Chakwas will survive. You now only have to pick members for your own team. It's now time for the final show down! The Specialist will need Shepard to activate the eight consoles in order to make it to the other side of door that Squad 2 is holding.

The SMG works best for the first part, because it can blow out two tubes at a time.

me2 how to save everyone

Part 3: I thought that squad would be annoying for that part on my third attempt, ended up being my easiest and quickest. Share directly to my status.

Debris Field If you made the necessary upgrades to the Normandy, during the long first part of the mission will save all your squad mates.

How do i save all charecters in mass effect 2's final mission?

Samara Send ship crew back with: Necessary Upgrades After completing the Reaper IFF mission hopefully everyone but Legion's loyalty mission has been completed , you should have enough time to complete Legion's loyalty mission before the crew is taken. I'm not playing ME3 without Garrus.

me2 how to save everyone

Load Comments. This will keep the Normandy crew alive. You have to either use charm or intimidate conversation options in the scene where Jack and Miranda confront each other, same in the scene where Tali and Legion confront each other, in order to not lose loyalty on one of the two characters.

Guide: How to survive the suicide mission & save everyone?

I played the PC version for this and I was full paragon soldier, in case anyone was wondering about those details. Often the success of one squad member will effect the life of another - all the sub-missions are connected somehow.

me2 how to save everyone

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me2 how to save everyone